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Bremum [Bremen] is a wealthy port-city on the river Weser. She is on the eastern side of the river, laying on the northern bank of an east-west meander in the river. The city is fully enclosed on her landward side by a great moat and a wooden wall, making her all but invulnerable to attack save by river from which she is relatively unguarded. However, attackers will find navigating the tidal river with a suitably large fleet would be no easy task and a series of great beacon fires lit along the river would give early warning of an impending waterborne assault. A few warships and perhaps a great iron chain stretched across the River Weser might be used to harass marine attackers, to buy time for the defenders to prepare a reception party at the docks.

There might be around a thousand Christian inhabitants of the wealthy-looking city, and many more people living nearby in outlying steadings, hamlets and villages. The centrepiece of their city is a large sandstone cathedral, which serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Hamma-Bremum. The walled cathedral compound includes cloisters, gardens, orchard, scriptorium, chapter house, etc., as well as the modest palace of the Archbishop.
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