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    Foxhole53 is a small community for the development, discussion and playing of role-playing games set in historic, modern, harder science-fiction or post-apocalyptic genres. This community is not concerned with high fantasy or steam punk genres. All themes should generally be plausible, moderately serious and low fantasy, although some quirky dark humour in games such as Mongoose Paranoia might be of interest. This is an adult community and as such some content and language may be adult in nature, although anything overtly graphic and gratuitous will generally be avoided.

    At present there are just a few active games being played or in development using the Mongoose Traveller rules and RuneQuest 6th edition rules. The current core community members are familiar with these rules and therefore they are likely to remain the dominant rule sets for the foreseeable future, although we welcome discussion of any tabletop RPG rule set. The forum has a secure, custom dice rolling modification within actual posts for the enjoyment and benefit of any active games being played.

    Anybody is welcome to join the community, but please remain polite, civil and friendly. Do not aim bad language or attitude at another member. Remember we’re all here just to have a little fun in our free time. Not everybody is the same so try and respect other people’s differing opinions, even if you find them annoying or ridiculous.

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