Askr 'Tinsmiðr' Darrison

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Askr 'Tinsmiðr' Darrison

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Name: Askr 'Tinsmiðr' Darrison
Culture: West Norse
Social Rank: Karl
Religion: Forn Siðr

'Tinsmiðr' [tinsmith] is an itinerant tinker & peddler. He is in middle age, judging by his thick white beard. He is of medium build, and while not physically intimidating, his tone and mannerisms switch regularly from overtly friendly to surprising hostile and threatening for no apparent reason! Being so highly unpredictable makes sane people exceedingly uncomfortable in his company. Perhaps this is because he has been touched by the gods, but whatever the reason this is almost certainly why he travels alone.

'Tinsmiðr' moves his goods around in a small cart and pitches a tent to peddle his wares for as long as he is permitted on the edge of a town market. He mainly sells items of jewellery and lucky charms, but his services seem to include small metal repairs, wood carving, gem-setting, decorating, inlaying & engraving as well as blade sharpening and polishing. Despite his humble life and apparent lack of customers, he dresses well and often wears lots of silfr himself, suggesting he may have other services for select customers. While he might look like an easy target to rob, it is well known to be very bad luck to attack & steal from those favoured by the gods.

Tjodolfr has met 'Tinsmiðr' once before, years ago in Norðvegr. He offered to read his fortune for a few pennies, but Dolfr had no money and instead offered to share his meal with him, which he accepted. Reading Dolfr's palm he declared he would become a great hero and travel far, but not before encountering, "A great sorrow, a great victory and a great reversal." Dolfr has often wondered since what he meant and which of those things had or would come to pass...
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