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Vegestr's Thoughts On The Gods & Sei∂ur

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:47 am
by raleel
It is hard for me to not feel something of a bond with Odin and Loki, blood brothers as they are.

Both of them are wordsmiths, of silver tongue and quick wit. My own has kept me alive in a place that does not want me. Both are outcasts in their own space - lest you forget that Odin rebelled against the previous order by slaying Ymir with his brothers, and Loki being Jotun among the Aesir. Neither particularly seeks a fight, unlike Thor.

Many folks worship Thor as the god of the commoner, of the warrior. The hearth fire is reflected in his fiery red beard, his wife Sif is of comfort and home, and this is alien to me. These are things they desire. I am not sure I do any more, as it has been so long. Perhaps being a wanderer like Odin will be my way.

Odin and Loki both suffered greatly - Loki for his treachery and Odin in his pursuit of the runes and of knowledge. I think if given a choice, I would choose my suffering rather than feel it by running from my doom. Odin's sacrifice let him see the coming of Ragnarok, let him learn the runes.

I envy the songs of Odin. Eighteen he speaks of in The Words of the High One. Does he grant this power? Are there those who learn it? What sacrifice must be made? I know how to write, I know how to read and to pain. I can prove it. I ask his boons and sacrifice for them. These things he asks of those who would learn them.