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Sulki Barðisson

PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:46 pm
by mark
frá Vágrvík, Vestan Jótland, Danmǫrk
Sonr af Barði ok þora
Gestr af Jarl Þórgnýr Haraldson

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Sulki is Dane from the settlement of Vágrvik in Western Jutland. He's of average height and medium build, he is slightly faster, stronger and quicker witted than most men, but not quite as charming. As a member of the Gestir he has responsibilities and must follow orders.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:51 pm
by mark
The Saga of Sulki Barðisson

The sea had always called to Sulki Bardisson, whispering seductively of lands unknown, adventure, and destiny. It was no surprise that this was so, for Sulki and his family had always lived beside her and depended on her fickle benevolence.

Sulki’s father, Bardi Bardisson was a land owner and herdsman who lived on the coasts near Vágrvik. His mother Thora was famed for her weaving of cloth and for the medicines she could provide. When Sulki was a youth, he watched his mother harvest, store, and prepare a variety of herbs that grew in the surrounding countryside. She would make him recite the names of the plants she used, how they were prepared into teas, medicines, and poultices, and for what purposes. While she tried valiantly, and indeed, a fair portion of what she showed him would indeed stick with the boy, it was clear from the start that Sulki had little interest, and much preferred more martial pursuits; hunting, skill with weapons, and above all the sea and tales of exploits of the famous raids.

It is possible that Sulki might have taken a greater interest in his father’s trade had he not been born but the third son amongst the eight siblings. Consequently, it was highly unlikely that he would inherit, barring some great unforeseen misfortune befalling his elder brothers. So it was that he approached the age where he began to worry what he would do with his life that the sea’s call began to beckon him. He spent more and more time with his uncle, a skilled shipwright and trader. The young man spent what free time he had watching, learning, and eventually aiding his uncle at the trade. He learned to stitch a sail, how to choose a tree for a keel, strake, or mast, how to shape the wood and breathe life into the vessel until she was worthy of the sea. When he was of an age, he accompanied his uncle on his voyages to the east, even to the lands of the Slavs. On these voyages, Sulki learned the seaman’s craft, how to handle a ship on all manner of seas, how to navigate by stars, by currents, by landmarks along the shorelines, even by observing the species of bird, fish, and whale. He also learned to fight and to defend both himself and the ship. Sulki was yet by no means likely to be sung of or take a place in the sagas, but he was at least proving himself a competent crew member, and was liked well enough.

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It was upon his return from one of the more recent of these voyages that he learned of the birth of his newest brother – and also the death of Thora, who had died given birth to the red-headed squalling child. Upon the loss of his mother, Sulki felt more than ever that there was little holding him to Vágrvik. Much as he loved his brothers, his pride and ambition would not allow him to spend the rest of his life working for his brother on his brother’s land. Nor could he see himself forever on his uncle’s crew. He would not build a name or reputation for himself in Vágrvik and he was similarly unlikely to do so trading to the east. In more recent years, the talk has been of the west, of wealthy places with strange names like Northumbria, Wessex, East Anglia and Ireland.

If he was to sail west, Sulki would need allies, weapons, and to prove himself valuable enough to take on such an expedition. His father Bardi and his uncle spoke with the Gestir who upon seeing Sulki’s skill with spear, hand-axe, and staff, agreed to accept the young man into their ranks. Sulki began training and honing his skill with them. He also took the initiative to spend many an evening in the company of an ambatt brought back from Northumbria which the family had traded for to care for the toddler and serve on the homestead in the absence of Thora. Over the course of several months, the slave taught the Dane her language, a skill that Sulki hoped would raise his value in the eyes of the men who owned the warships.

And so he worked, trained, and now bides his time, waiting to seize the chance to go and find his destiny.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 4:12 pm
by mark
Sulki Skjǫldr

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2020 9:51 pm
by mark

Sulki re-rolled Passion(Inn Nýi Siðr) as per this post IC.