Pending Combat Actions [special]

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Pending Combat Actions [special]

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Getting stuck in a drawn out combat can get boring on a PbP for some people. To try to alleviate that and to to keep an exciting pace, faster deadlines will have to be met during combat. If a character misses his turn deadline (usually 24 hours) in the cycle of a combat round his character will have simply dithered. If a character doesn't react to an attack within the deadline (usually 24 hours), then they made no reaction.

However, as players are often busy with their real lives and occasionally aware they may miss a deadline through no fault of there own, they can avert dithering & not reacting by posting their intended combat actions in advance of their coming turn in the cycle, to be actioned by the GM at the appropriate time. It isn't a perfect solution, but it generally works quite well and allows the pace of combat to continue without long delays which can often plague PbP combat.

  • Your character is in combat AND there is a deadline for posting combat actions which you may not be able to meet

  • You don't know what you're doing
  • You're asking questions
  • You're discussing something
  • Your character is not in combat
  • You're capable of making a deadline

If the above indicates you should reply then simply post all your character's combat actions for your coming turn, or intended reactions to attacks. Don't forget to mention if your character is warding, name the weapon(s) and location(s). You may use conditional statements, such as "If attacked by arrows, parry with shield, else parry any attacks with sword and ward with shield (left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm)", they will be interpreted as best the poor old GM is able, so clarity and simplicity is encouraged. The will be no do-overs for badly written combat actions!

If you're still confused, ask in OOC.
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