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Player(s) Wanted - Play by Forum

Post Number:#1  Postby mark » Sun Jan 10, 2021 6:22 pm

The year is 868AD - a witch has blighted the crops of a coastal Danish town, compelling a small band of Vikings to sail across the Great Whale Road to find answers. A seeress in Old Saxony told them they would find answers in the Kingdom of Northumbria, which was captured last year by the sons of Ragnarr Loðbrók with the help of their Danish supporters, fanatics of the Old Way and their Christian-Frisian mercenaries.

Sailing north-west our Danes found the capital city Jórvík [York] is now a melting pot of opposed cultures and religions. To the south, they were instrumental in forging a temporary peace with the (Anglo-Saxon) Kingdom of Mercia after our Danes helped capture the city of Snotingaham [Nottingham] - which they were obliged to prove their worth to the Ubbi Ragnarsson. After hunting for clues about the witch back home, our band of Danes have discovered the Christ Wizards in their great stone cathedral seem like the ones with all the answers. All they have to do is convince the puppet king to let them question the archbishop - but he's been banished to the north by Jarl Ívórr due to political meddling.

They have a trading ship, three ploughs of land and a mix of wits, weapons & talents. As they overcome obstacles in pursuit of their quest, our Danes must work, trade or raid to make a living, but always treading carefully through the complex politics, and if called upon go to war for their Jarl. Can they lift the curse? If not, many of their families and friends who are counting on them back in Jutland may starve…


Vikingr is a gritty, historical, low-fantasy, roleplaying game. The game is set in and about the British Isles during the period of the Great Heathen Army lead by the sons of Ragnarr Loðbrók. It is not a game based on the TV series "Vikings", although some themes may inevitably be similar, the game strives to be more historically accurate (when it can). It played on a dedicated forum with its own dice, with a patient, mature group of players who enjoy history, deep plots and a good story as much as a little action.

Due to COVID we currently have space in the game. If you are interested in joining please PM me, let me know if you have the Mythras rulebook and especially that you understand how to play.
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Re: Player(s) Wanted - Play by Forum

Post Number:#2  Postby Jon Reinhardt » Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:14 am

Hi i and Cornelius (scipio) have a candidate that might fit. :) Hope he contact you soon.
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